Crossword Project Program Information

Current Version is 1.08

Program updated December 9, 2020

A Note About Updating Bibles:

To find Bibles, the CWP program searches your personal CWP

directory last. This location is usually in your Documents folder. It can be changed in preferences.

Any files in that directory set replace any previously found files! 

So put any updates in that folder.

General Information:

Included in full download:
* Smith's Bible Dictionary (with images scanned from 100+ year old book)
* Websters early 1900 dictionary (enable websters in preferences, click on any word)
* Interlinear with Hebrew/Greek and KJ words, along with clickable Strong's
* Strong's included in all bibles. Click on colored word (user selectable)
* Strong's window brings up buttons for Bible dictionary and Pictures where available
* User created notes (tied to specific verses) can be turned int commentaries
* Several commentaries
* Treasury of Scriptural knowledge

A Note about Signed Applications

Describing, For Example, the Macintosh.

When you launch an
application, it contacts Apple's servers (
to see if the developer and the software is
recognized.  This identifies you and the application you
have launched to Apple, and to governmental authorities worldwide. 

It is most likely the downloading of this software has also been traced.

In several locations in the world, a Bible software program
is illegal, and you can be arrested and
jailed for using or distributing such a program.

For that reason, among others, this application is not signed.

In addition, CWP does NOT use the internet to check for updates. Again, this is for
user protection in those locations in the world where this application is illegal.

Feel free to download the source from GitHub (CWP Source Code )and
build the application and sign it yourself if you are concerned about
signed applications.